We build 401k plans that are good for you,
and your employees.

rebel Financial is an independent local Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that builds custom retirement plans for small to medium size business. We build our plans from scratch and bundle all services together to save you money and build great retirement plans for you as the employer and also for your employees.

Furthermore, we are one of the few financial firms that will serve you and your employees as a fiduciary, which means that we look out for your best interests above all other considerations.

We are not a re-seller, we build your plan from scratch.
Always a Fiduciary to you and your employees.
We are "Fee-Only."

Proudly Representing

Building a better financial future, one plan at a time:

3(38) Fiduciary

What this means is that we have a legal responsibility to act in the best interests of you and your employees. Furthermore, we share the responsibility/liability of building and maintaining your plan, which very few financial firms are willing to do.

Fee Only

Fee-only means that we only accept compensation from you and your employees. We do not share revenue or take kick backs from any fund, investment, or insurance company, as most other 401k providers do, which provides further assurance that we represent your interests 1st.

Transparent Pricing

We are open and transparent in our pricing. We strive to make our process easy to understand so that you and your employees can evaluate the true value we deliver:

View our plan pricing.

Cutting Edge Technology

As a smaller company, freed from the bureaucratic gridlock of most large institutions, we implement the newest technology years before most of our competitors to build your plan with the best available tools.

Fast plan design & implementation

In collaboration with you and our TPA, we will build you a plan that fits your business and then get it implemented quickly so that you and your employees can begin to realize it’s benefits as quickly as possible


As with everything else we do as a firm, we do not lock our clients into restrictive contract terms and work only contingent upon your complete satisfaction. You may terminate at any time with no termination charge from rebel Financial.

If you want to learn more about the specifics of our 401k plans, pricing, current fund line-up, etc. please contact us here.

*rebel Financial is an independent investment advisor and not affiliated with any of the retirement plan providers.

Great Online Platform

Great online access for you and your employees to monitor accounts and track retirement progress. Access your accounts from a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.

Great Investment Selection

No longer are you tied to a small investment line-up offered by restrictive 401k products or insurance contracts. Our platform is open architecture and we could add almost any mutual fund or ETF available on the US exchanges.

Model Portfolios to help participants

Unfortunately, most investors under-perform the markets by 3-7%/ys. which is catastrophic to their future retirement prospects. Much of this stems from emotional and uninformed investment decision making. We have model portfolios in which we pick the funds for your employees, rebalance as necessary, and try to stay up-to-date with your employees so that they will stick to their long-term investment strategy and actually earn the necessary returns to fulfill their retirement goals.

Services we provide:

Plan Design Services

We consult with you at plan implementation and on-going throughout the life of you plan to help you build the best plan for your business and employees. We understand that these objectives may change over-time which is why we’re always collaborating with our plan sponsors to adapt their plans as their needs change.

Open Architecture

We are truly open-architecture/built-from-scratch:

-We use no proprietary funds.
-There are no fund restrictions.
-We offset all mutual fund revenue.
-Any piece of our plan infrastructure can be replaced if it is no longer in our clients’ best interests: TPA, Recordkeeper, Custodian, Investment Manager, etc.

Fiduciary Review & Certification

We review and certify every plan we take on. If we feel that a plan sponsor is doing something on a plan that we cannot certify then we will not take that plan on as a client. We truly believe in serving the best interests of our plan sponsors and every participant. Therefore, if there is something that violates that ethical “line in the sand” then we would forgo any potential economic benefit (no matter how large); We believe that doing the “right thing” has no monetary price tag.

Plan monitoring and benchmarking

We will help you to understand how well you plan is doing compared to your peer group and your industry as well as continually collaborating with you to devise new strategies to improve your plan and, eventually, make it one of the best in your peer-group/industry.

A Fiduciary Partner

ERISA provides a “safe harbor”, which limits a plan sponsor’s fiduciary liability where a qualified investment manager is appointed. A full delegation under ERISA section 3(38) represents the highest level of investment liability transfer possible under ERISA and rebel Financial specifically accepts this fiduciary status and discretion in writing for our plan sponsors.

To participants/employees:

Enrollment and Educational Meetings

We provide enrollment and educational meetings and seminars to help your employees get the most out of your retirement plan so that they can succeed. Did you know that a properly funded and invested retirement account over an average employee’s career would contain almost 3 times more in growth than their actual contributions?!? It is a sad reality that this doesn’t happen for the vast majority of participants b/c of lack of education and participation.

Ability to chat with a CFP

We are a financial planning company at heart that has built a wonderful retirement platform. We have Certified Financial Professionals (CFP) that can help your employees when they have questions or need support that they just can’t receive from the 1-800# of most providers.

Access to model portfolios

We provide our professionally managed, model portfolios to your employees. These are managed in much the same way as we manage our individual high net worth clients’ accounts and they are specific to your plan. What’s more, we don’t charge extra for this service and offer it as an additional benefit to our plans.

Quarterly Market Update Videos

As an addition to our model portfolios, we produce quarterly videos that explain what happened over the quarter, what we did to manage your participant’s investments, and reinforce why they’re invested the way that they are so they can stay invested and actually realize the great long-term investment returns that allude most investors.

Discounted Financial Planning Services

Again, financial planning is our specialty and we have streamlined our processes and technology so we can provide great financial planning services at lower prices to help more people. Even so, we will further discount any of your employees’ planning fees with us by 50% of the fee their account generated within the plan.

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rebel Financial is a registered investment adviser in Columbus, OH, serving clients throughout the nation.
A more detailed description of the company, its management and practices are contained in its Firm Brochure (Form ADV, Part 2A).
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